Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pixel Lincoln at the 2013 Philly Geek Awards

It's been a few weeks and the Philadelphia Geek Awards came and went, but I never got to talk about it. I was away at Gen Con and didn't get to attend the event, and I heard I really missed out. While Gen Con was the best (and craziest) 4 days in gaming. This was a full-on, black tie, red carpet event at one of my favorite Philadelphia museums, the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Not only was it a really cool event in my home city (I'm right across the bridge in the South Jersey Philly suburbs), Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game was nominated as Indie Game of the Year.

The choice of being there to support the convention release of my game at Gen Con vs. being there to support my game at the Philly Geek Awards was a tough one. Luckily, I was able to get the best of both worlds by heading to Gen Con and having George Tagmire (my brother / Pixel Lincoln video game designer), and Ryan Harbinson (Island Officials co-owner) attend on behalf of the game. They got all fancied up and hung out with dinosaur bones and local geeks.

So, Pixel Lincoln didn't win the award, but I can't express how much of an honor it was to even be involved with such an event. And the same honor being alongside of the insanely successful Velociraptor Cannibalism by my friends at Board Raptor Games and Greg Lobanov's (now) award-winning digital puzzle game Perfection. Perfection makes my brain burn in the same way that Super Hexagon makes my eyes bleed. It's very creative and deserves every bit of its praise.

Congrats to the winner Greg Lobanov and nominee Board Raptor Games, and big thanks to Geekadelphia for everything they do. I'm not sure if I can out-geek Pixel Lincoln, but I'll keep pushing forward!


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