Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pixel Lincoln Beta Test

Island Officials (co-publisher of Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game and developers of the upcoming video game, Pixel Lincoln) are hosting a beta playtest session for the video game on Saturday March 2nd in Woodbury, NJ.

If you are in the area, come on out and help shape the game from the most difficult game ever to a slightly less most difficult game ever! I'm kidding. But it's a tough one in the style of Megaman 2 and other controller-throwing classics.

You'll be one of the first to play the beta build and one of the first to take down Booth. I hope to pop in at some point and try it myself. It's been a few weeks since I dared to try and beat the Concert level.

Calling for TESTERS!!!!!! We are testing Pixel Lincoln the video game this Saturday from 12-8pm at our office in Woodbury, NJ (234 S Broad Street). It's not a very big place but we like it so we are taking 6 people per hour. I am looking for volunteers to email us at with the best 3 one hour segments for you. 12-1pm, 1-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm or 7-8. We will email you back, first come first serve. There may be pizza involved.
Facebook event invite:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TotalCon 27 Recap

Friday, February 22, 2013

Heading to TotalCon

Myself and Kevin Kulp (designer of Pigpen) are heading up to TotalCon in Mansfield, MA this weekend! It's a little bit of an impromptu adventure and we'll basically be there all day Saturday. We'll play a bunch of games, see some friends and avoid the snow.

I plan to hover around the open gaming room as I didn't register for anything. I'm also bringing Pixel Lincoln along with the new Environment cards (due to special request) and Maximum Throwdown (incase anyone wants to throwdown). Do I need to bring anything else?

Game Salute is there too with some cool Pixel Lincoln promo material, right along side of the Princess Bride! Very cool. Thanks to Not_Jeff for this image:

Will you be there on Saturday? Let's play some games!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MindTV Prototype

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pixel Lincoln Update

A few things. I wanted to repost the newest Pixel Lincoln Kickstarter Update and I also wanted add some notes and thoughts afterwards.

From the Kickstarter:

Heads or Tails, You're the Winner

Time for a short production update for Pixel Lincoln.

As you may be aware, China is currently closed for business. Well, not the entire country, but the parts that are important to you and me are shut down for the Lunar New Year, commonly called the Chinese New Year, or just CNY. For about 10 days on either side of this floating holiday, the factories close down and all the workers go home to their families. It's like the American Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays all rolled into one extended family reunion.

Just before the holiday started, Panda finished their review of all the files and components for Pixel Lincoln and gave their official blessing. All the die lines are right. All the files are CMYK. All the meeples are marching in lockstep. All the coins are flipping with acceptable randomosity. In short, Panda is ready to start the presses rolling! As soon as the holiday ends, printing will begin in earnest.

What does that mean for you? Printing and assembly will take 45 to 60 days, so around the end of April, Pixel Lincoln should be ready to leave China. The journey to Boston takes about 35 days and Customs and local freight takes about 14 days. So, about 109 days after CNY ends, Pixel Lincoln "should" be in the Game Salute warehouse. Feb 20th + 109 Days = June 9, 2013 (give or take a few days).

Things could always go askew, so that date is subject to change, but it looks like we'll be aiming for a grand release at Origins2013.

Proof Copy Unboxing Video

Here's a quick video Jason shot of the proof copy of Pixel Lincoln...look at all the glorious cardboard!

House Rules Are The Rule

Use this special card to make your own House Rule. No matter how crazy it is...if this card comes out, you and your friends have to live by the rule!


That's the update. Kind of bummer news in that we're still  little ways off from receiving the game, but at the same time it's nice to have a timeline in place. What I wanted to add to this was that I wish we weren't this far behind, and I'm guessing out original date of December was a little too optimistic. 

One of the biggest contributing factors in not hitting that original December date was that the game became so much bigger than we planned. When launching a Kickstarter, you setup the pledge levels and once a pledge is received, they are stuck. The original game was 216 cards in a small box. Those cards were all done by the time the Kickstarter ended, but over the course of the Kickstarter we added a lot. Thanks to 800+ backers we were able to hit stretch goal after stretch goal, taking a little card game and making it a full on board game with double sided-boards, awesome components, player tableaus, a freakin' coin, celebrity cards, and so much more. The game is so much better now (mostly thanks to the meeples and board, but everything else makes it even cooler). Just take a look at the video above. There are no cards in the video. Everything that you see in that video was part of a stretch goal. But in adding all of that, the setup time grew quite a bit. Getting meeples molded, revised, painted and mailed to us for review, takes a bit of time. Same thing with other components like the coin. 

There was a lot of back and forth on things, but all of it is so worth it. The game has turned out really nice so far, and exceeded all of my expectations every step of the way, except in how long things seem to take. :)

Hope you enjoy the video, and can't wait for you to enjoy the game. If everything makes it out for Origins 2013, I will be there with my whole family (crazy!) to see it's big release. And it's a little bit of a bookend, because Origins 2012 was 1) the place I first met Dan and Game Salute and decided to work on the game together. 2) the place where we first really started promoting Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game, and 3) the place where some wonderful playtesters helped make the game what it is today.

And finally the blank card.... House Rule. I don't know if we've shown this off before? I love it and it was the last card added to the game. I'm hoping people enjoy it, and share their own with us. I'm not sure the best way to gather images of everyone's House Rules but I'm assuming we'll keep a collection at based off of images we get on Twitter, FaceBook, BGG, etc. Definitely want to see what everyone comes up with. 

Thanks again for all of the patience! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Toy Fair 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RIP Monopoly Iron

Now how will Rich "Uncle" Pennybags get these wrinkles out of his clothes?

I personally would rarely use the iron as I'm more of a thimble guy. And as for the new pieces.. the robot was my top choice. 

But more importantly, what will fill the void of ironing in board games? Do we need a realtime clothes-pressing game? Or a dexterity game with a hot iron in the center of the table?

Looking around BoardGameGeek I realized there are already plenty of iron games...

This one covers all of the bases. It's called Steam and Iron. 

I may be a thimble man, but he's an iron man.

One of many ironing war-games. Who knew?

This one beat Monopoly to the punch and killed off the iron years ago. It's called Iron Die.

Look at that perfectly pressed collar.

I've never tried to cook with an iron, but I'll trust these guys on it.

There you have it. It looks like the ironing board game market is already kind of covered. I guess I'll just stick to greeting card games.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Greeting Card Game?

This is either a REALLY poor translation, or somebody is just messing with me.

Pixel Lincoln subsequently going to DS, creates deckbuilding online game
Posted February 2 2013

It has been an excellent 12 months with regard to Kickstarter strategies, even though high of the interest may be upon point-and-click experience video games, there are several additional videogame-related tasks which are really worth subsequent too. Pixel Lincoln subsequently: The actual Deckbuilding Online game was created through Jerr Tagmire, that created GW2 Gold the concept in 2007. Following revealing their greeting card online game from exhibitions, this captured the interest associated with creator Isle Authorities, that desired to create a DS online game dependent from the creative Pixel Lincoln subsequently personality.

As the DS online game is actually not far off, Jerr, who is nevertheless focusing on the overall game like a custom, released the Kickstarter marketing campaign upon 06 5 to find the greeting card online game from the floor. Requesting only $5, 000 to get going, the actual objective had been arrived at inside 5 times and today rests just a little more than $6, 000 with increased compared to 130 backers.

"I believe a number of the earlier achievement had been for some factors, inch stated Tagmire. "I introduced the overall game away in order to Roots Online game Reasonable a couple weeks back, as well as We could display this to numerous individuals in the market. I'd lots of assistance from their store immediately. All of us additionally began pressing this particular a couple weeks prior to the task release, that is vital, inch Tagmire stated within an e-mail job interview.

A few of the tiered benefits consists of the actual greeting card online game by itself, however exactly what may be a good tempting tiered provide is actually which with regard to $75, you will get the customized greeting card of your. Isle Authorities had been from E3 this season as well as created several customized credit cards associated with business luminaries for example Ricky Schafer as well as Chris Molyneux.

Numerous Kickstarters in no way obtain financed, also it requires lots of function as well as power to ensure the actual task fulfills it's focus on objectives. Exactly what benefited Tagmire had been he have been energetic upon Kickstarter with regard to recent years many years as well as experienced observed each attributes.

"I had been associated with several little prosperous tasks, however more to the point, I have experienced the task fall short, inch he or she stated. "I discovered much more through my personal encounter using the not successful task compared to other things. We discovered you'll want to market the actual task method ahead of time, include excellent pictures as well as top quality artwork (particularly within video gaming tasks), as well as truly catch the actual minds of the backers. If you do not perform your projects, it is difficult to anticipate the actual backers to complete their own. We discovered this particular the actual difficult method, however it had been an excellent encounter within developing like a designer/creator.

To learn more about the greeting card online game and also the marketing campaign, mind to the actual Kickstarter web page right here. Pixel Lincoln subsequently for that DS doesn't have discharge day arranged, however it is presently within beta.

There are so many good gems in there:

-The hot new game mechanic... the Greeting Card Game!
-Instead of celebrity cards, we now have business luminary credit cards. Featuring Ricky Schafer & Chris Molyneux!
-How about my name, Jerr? That's way cooler than Jason.
-Move over Island Officials... and make way for Isle Authorities!
-Forget the name "Pixel Lincoln 2", "Pixel Lincoln Subsequently" is soooooo much better!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Indie Cardboard Interview

It’s hard to fault the media for its obsession with Abraham Lincoln. Whether he’s turning aside the supernatural or getting lost in Tommy Lee Jones’ luxurious locks of hair, the 16th President of the United States of America is nothing short of fascinating. Yet, for all of this attention paid to Lincoln, little has been made of his adventures spent traveling through time, an oversight which Jason Tagmire hopes to change as he pulls back the pixilated curtain on the former President’s temporal deeds.
Jason from approached about an interview for his new site. The site hadn't launched at the time, but Jason has a great history in the gaming industry and I am not one to pass up chatting about games. The site has now launched and it's great. The first week or so featured myself, Benjamin Rossett (Mars Needs Mechanics) and Jason Glover (Zogar's Gaze) as well as the designers behind BattleCON, Hegemonic and more. It's a very promising site, with a great visual appearance and solid content to back it up. 

For the full interview head on over to: 

Throwdown Scorekeeper

This may have no use to anybody but me, but I wanted to throw it out there. It's an iPhone-friendly online scorekeeper for Maximum Throwdown. The reason it's no good to anybody else is because there are about 7 decks of this game in existence (one of which has disappeared.... if you find it, let me know!) and chances are, if the game is being played, I will probably be there. But in the event you found the missing deck, feel free to use my handy online scorekeeper.

Score can be kept with any type of component, but in order to travel light (the game is just 90 cards), I made this little javascript scorekeeper.