Saturday, February 2, 2013

Indie Cardboard Interview

It’s hard to fault the media for its obsession with Abraham Lincoln. Whether he’s turning aside the supernatural or getting lost in Tommy Lee Jones’ luxurious locks of hair, the 16th President of the United States of America is nothing short of fascinating. Yet, for all of this attention paid to Lincoln, little has been made of his adventures spent traveling through time, an oversight which Jason Tagmire hopes to change as he pulls back the pixilated curtain on the former President’s temporal deeds.
Jason from approached about an interview for his new site. The site hadn't launched at the time, but Jason has a great history in the gaming industry and I am not one to pass up chatting about games. The site has now launched and it's great. The first week or so featured myself, Benjamin Rossett (Mars Needs Mechanics) and Jason Glover (Zogar's Gaze) as well as the designers behind BattleCON, Hegemonic and more. It's a very promising site, with a great visual appearance and solid content to back it up. 

For the full interview head on over to: 


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