Friday, February 22, 2013

Heading to TotalCon

Myself and Kevin Kulp (designer of Pigpen) are heading up to TotalCon in Mansfield, MA this weekend! It's a little bit of an impromptu adventure and we'll basically be there all day Saturday. We'll play a bunch of games, see some friends and avoid the snow.

I plan to hover around the open gaming room as I didn't register for anything. I'm also bringing Pixel Lincoln along with the new Environment cards (due to special request) and Maximum Throwdown (incase anyone wants to throwdown). Do I need to bring anything else?

Game Salute is there too with some cool Pixel Lincoln promo material, right along side of the Princess Bride! Very cool. Thanks to Not_Jeff for this image:

Will you be there on Saturday? Let's play some games!


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