Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RIP Monopoly Iron

Now how will Rich "Uncle" Pennybags get these wrinkles out of his clothes?

I personally would rarely use the iron as I'm more of a thimble guy. And as for the new pieces.. the robot was my top choice. 

But more importantly, what will fill the void of ironing in board games? Do we need a realtime clothes-pressing game? Or a dexterity game with a hot iron in the center of the table?

Looking around BoardGameGeek I realized there are already plenty of iron games...

This one covers all of the bases. It's called Steam and Iron. 

I may be a thimble man, but he's an iron man.

One of many ironing war-games. Who knew?

This one beat Monopoly to the punch and killed off the iron years ago. It's called Iron Die.

Look at that perfectly pressed collar.

I've never tried to cook with an iron, but I'll trust these guys on it.

There you have it. It looks like the ironing board game market is already kind of covered. I guess I'll just stick to greeting card games.


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