Sunday, September 23, 2012

What is Button Shy?

I've owned for a long time. Years ago it was a button making company that I owned and ran, and with the help of my wife and brother we made hundreds of thousands of 1" buttons for bands, stores, and for lots of people. The business faded over time, but the website has been hanging on ever since. I've used it as a subdomain for a whole bunch of other sites that I'm a part of, (/fruitlesspursuits, /pixellincoln, etc.) but Button Shy has been sitting quietly in the background.

It's time for that to change.

Button Shy will now be the central hub of all of my tabletop game related projects. The origin of the name will never change, but the intent has shifted a bit.

Here are the plans for the new and shiny Button Shy.

-Re-posts of my board game article from Fruitless Pursuits and Board Game Geek.
-Information about my own game projects as well as projects that I am involved with.
-The home of the upcoming podcast Designing Out Loud.
-Much more!


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