Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ZombieZone: Art

I ordered a copy of the ZombieZone preview version from The Game Crafter for quality control and also to bring to upcoming events. And now, I'm excited to say that it's here and it's awesome. The tokens have always been my favorite part,  as they provide the main game mechanic (flipping zombies! ...more about that later).

Here's a quick teaser image of the tokens for now:

The tokens really came to life when Carey Pietsch started the artwork. If you don't know Carey, she's an artist from Philly, who I met at the IGDA Philly Games Showcase. There are all kinds of goodies at her site (http://www.careydraws.com) like this one called "woofs". Carey is super talented, and I'm really happy to have her involved.

Images of the board and the rest of the components will be coming very soon!


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