Monday, March 11, 2013

Moving Into My New Design Space

I've only been there since January, but I'm moving from my Collingswood, NJ design space over to the basement of a submarine in Audubon, NJ.

It's actually the basement of The Auction House, where I've ran events for a good part of the last decade, so it'll be nice and comfortable while also being nice and weird. Why so weird? Well... below is my space. Only I need to clear out the things that are in there, which consists of some lamps, NES games, and MGM Records singer Connie Francis's couch?!

Would you expect things to be any other way?

It's actually going to be an awesome spot. A sealed off, quiet room situated in the middle of the charismatic bubble of The Auction House. On a given day you might find an original signed Abraham Lincoln letter there, a live performance by The Hooters or Danielson, a screening of The Big Lebowski, and now me making and testing board games. I can't wait. 

Here is some Connie Francis Goldfinger action to set the tone. 


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