Friday, March 15, 2013

Pixel Lincoln Playing Cards!

Along with Island Officials and Game Salute, we're releasing a deck of Pixel Lincoln Bicycle brand playing cards! The deck, along with some cool bonuses (THE LINCOLN COIN!) is now available on Kickstarter. It's a low priced and fun campaign, and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

The cards were designed in the style of the deckbuilding game, with little nods to the NES and classic gaming in the layout. The deck is split with Lincoln and his weapons on the black cards, and Booth and his minions on the red cards. The face cards are actual faces, with Lincoln and Booth's face up close. Real close.

I've mentioned this briefly before as I was laying out all of the cards, but the project has really taken shape in the last few days. W. David Mackenzie from Clever Mojo Games / Game Salute has worked non-stop on making this campaign look awesome. He came up with all of the flavor... the wonderful pledge level names and the idea of the "Seal of Puke". That turtle has come a long way since Luke Milton's original 8-Bit version. Love that little guy.


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