Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Origins Video Interview with Theology of Games

I was interviewed by Theology of Games at Origins for their new TOG Visual series, and we started off by talking about Storyteller Cards, went into Maximum Throwdown and then a little Pixel Lincoln 2. It was awesome meeting up with Jeremiah and the guys, and I had fun chatting for a few minutes.

We also played a round of Lines of Fire, a game that I self-published through Kickstarter YEARS ago. It was a very short run, but I've been tinkering with it a little lately to see if it could resurface. Josh Sepos, guest blogger at Theology of Games really enjoyed it, and named it one of his two Origins Stand-Outs (next to Guildhall! What? Crazy!). You'll see a little bit more about Lines of Fire soon enough here. The confidence boost has a wonderful effect of boosting it up on my priority list.
Okay…maybe the best for last. I LOVED LINE OF FIRE! Jason Tagmire should receive high praise for this game; it was amazing. The game is a strategy card game, with some hand-management elements. (LINK: http://theologyofgames.com/2013/06/18/origins-stand-outs-from-guest-blogger-josh-sepos/)
Onto the video interview!

Special thanks to Jeremiah Isley for the interview and ongoing support!


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