Monday, September 1, 2014

Pet Peeves and Project Updates

This is my least favorite kind of post to write and overall one of my biggest pet peeves in blogging. The apology post. The "sorry it's been so long since I posted" post.

I've seen people apologize for not posting more than they've ever posted. I don't like those posts because nobody is forcing anyone to do this. We write because we love to do so, and if we don't love it enough, we don't do it. I haven't written because I was physically spent, but it's no excuse. I'm happy to be back. End of rant. :)

But yeah, I was beat. Kickstarter campaigns nearly kill me every time and the Pixel Lincoln Re-Election one was no different. That's the last time I blogged here and then Christmas happened, then Unpub, then Eagle/Gryphon picked up Seven7s, then TotalCon, then Storyteller Cards: Fantasy on Kickstarter (nearly dead again), then Origins, then Gen Con prep, then Gen Con, then kids and wife go back to school and now we are nearing my favorite time of year: FALL. My New Years Resolutions start in September as it's more of a reset for me than the mid-school year calendar rollover.

My resolution is to keep you all informed of what's going on. And there is a lot. Here's a quick rundown.

Movie Plotz is launching on Kickstarter this Wednesday, September 3rd. 
It's a tiny storytelling movie pitch game by Alex Strang, packaged in little vinyl wallets. The game can bring out great laughs with a crowd and great ideas as well. I wasn't planning on doing another storytelling game right away, but the time was right and I've always loved this game.

Storyteller Cards: Fantasy are with the printer and should arrive in October as planned.
Campbell Whyte really blew me away with this fantasy illustrations. I can't wait to double the size of our Storyteller Cards line and I've already been thinking about a third one, superheroes and super villains. But for now, I need to get this one done and out.

Pixel Lincoln: Re-Election is shipping this month.
I'm not sure how widely known this is, but the Kickstarter campaign was for 4 different expansions at once. Each was 54 cards, including a full level of Enemies, Items, Bosses, Mini-Bosses, Characters and Secret Items, along with 18 or so special cards like Environments that shape the world, Voting cards that change the way characters work, and much much more. These will ALL go out to Kickstarter backers at once, but the retail versions will be spread out over a few months. We have some new Pixel Lincoln stuff in the works, but no details just yet.

Maximum Throwdown 2 is on the way too.
Not a lot of info has been released so far, but I spilled some details on the Geek All Stars Podcast Episode 79. It's a standalone expansion that can be played with or without the original, introducing 6 new icon types. I can't thank Josh Edwards, Jay Treat, Jason Crognale, Jeff Quick and Mike Mullins enough for their help with creating this set.

60 Seconds To Save The World is with a publisher and I hope to talk more about this soon. 
This is my little Pandemic meets Hanabi style doomsday card game. The world ends and players need to cooperatively plan to save it. But there are communication issues as players are scattered across the world. I'm really excited about this one.

Tag Team Games are a thing now.
For a while now, I've been making games with my daughter Elle. The one thing I will miss about the summer is going for a walk every morning where she makes up a new game every day. Sometime after Origins my wife got the bug and got in on it as well. We prototyped a handful of games that spawned from these chats and set out to create a line of games called Tag Team Games. These are games created by my family for your family. We created the games, the art, the prototypes, etc... all in house. Our house. But indie kids games are a tough market (and by indie I mean one guy with no budget), but we're all about giving it a shot.

The Starcade Project is chugging along. 
If you don't know about the Starcade Project, it's a series of games that we are creating with Island Officials. The games are set in the Starcade universe, a shared universe created by Alex Strang about an amusement park planet and it's magical history. We have a team of artists and designers on it and the first game that should see the light of day is Kevin Kulp's dice game Rare Kingdom. We're meeting tomorrow night to move further on the game, so I expect to have some details here ASAP.

So those are the reasons I haven't been writing. But they are also the reasons I need to be writing. So much going on that you probably don't know about.

Here's to the Button Shy New Year, starting today September 1st.


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