Thursday, December 6, 2012

Four Score & Ho-Ho-Ho

Twitter pal / game designer Benny Sperling (@benny275) mentioned that he was doing an 8-bit holiday door for his office at work, and mentioned that he was including Pixel Lincoln (AWESOME!). Since I have super hi-res blocky images of Lincoln all over my desktop, I offered to send him some.

Benny said he wanted the fan-favorite, Sausage Link Whip, and his other words ("Any Christmas?") made me leap into action to create the best Pixel Lincoln Christmas Tree-Wielding Santa Claus that ever existed.

Here he is:

It's also a rare look at Pixel Lincoln wearing a hat.

And here is Benny's door! There is a warm spot in my heart for Megaman with a Santa hat.

Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game also made Benny's Game of the Year list!

Best new to me game: Trajan.

Best game: Legacy: Gears of Time.

Best game w/ 16 cards: Love Letter

Best prototype: Nothing Personal.

Best Presidential game: Pixel Lincoln.

Best expansion: King of Tokyo Power Up

Best Game I designed: Leonardo's Apprentice.

Best card game: Guildhall.

Best Poultry Pun: Chicken Caesar.

Best Deck Builder: Fantastiqa.

Best Dice Game that was new to me: Bears!

Best Worker Placement game you probably haven't played:

Massachusetts Bay. Best Board with Gears: Tzolkin.

Best Components: Takenoko.

Best Game with Dart Guns: Dart Gun Desperados.

Hope everyone is having a nice start to the holiday season!


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