Friday, December 21, 2012

Unpub News & Promo!

First of all, my Unpub stress is fading a little. There is definitely less stress, as I have chosen (and registered!) the games that I am bringing.

I will be bringing the following:

Pixel Lincoln 2 (temporary name)
The next batch of items, enemies, characters, and all new twists and turns in the Pixel Lincoln universe.

A head-to-head zombie/human asymmetric board game fight for survival.

Maximum Throwdown
A multiplayer card-throwing battle game by myself and Alex Strang. Dexterity?!

I'll be showing more of these games over the next few weeks before Unpub hits. But right now, I have one more thing to show.

We are making an Unpub Pixel Lincoln promo card! It's John Moller's alter ego John Wilkes Tooth, fighting with his trusty blue noodle!

And here's the scoop from John:
We are announcing, in association with Game Salute, Island Officials and designer Jason Tagmire, that Unpub 3 will have an exclusive promo card for Pixel Lincoln, the Deck Building Game! Pixel Lincoln appeared at a few Unpub events in the spring and summer. They've released a few promos since then, we're happy that they're working with us to make this special new limited edition promo just for Unpub 3! It will be available while supplies last, so show up early to get your copy!
More Unpub news soon!


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