Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pixel Lincoln: Twenty One - Daily Updates

A few days ago Game Salute announced Pixel Lincoln: Twenty One, a $10 expansion add-on for the Bicycle cards Kickstarter project. It's a cool combo of Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game cards and icons of classic playing cards. While it's technically a mini-expansion, it's our first big add-on to the game.

Since then I've been showing off the cards one-by-one at the Pixel Lincoln Facebook page as well as the Board Game Geek blog.

And now I am compiling the first few here for all to see. We've been through 3 of the 21 cards so far with Diamond, Jack and Tarzan Booth, which sounds like a trio that is up to no good. Check out the close ups of the cards below with a little history behind the designs.

As of right now there are 10 days left on Kickstarter and $2318 to go. Eeeek!


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