Friday, May 3, 2013

Pre-Kickstarter Nervousness

The Storyteller Cards project has been approved by the team at Kickstarter and there are ONLY 3 days left until the launch. By now, the nervousness has fully settled into my body. Did I get everything I wanted to done yet?

Running everything myself has been extremely pleasant, but it's definitely no easy task. Working on the creative side, the marketing side, and the production side definitely pulls you in lots of directions at once. Do I work on a press release or graphic design? Do I get more production quotes or continue testing out cards?

The answer is that I need to do all of them. And that's what I've been doing all week. Late nights, early mornings, basically every free minute has been spent getting this Kickstarter ready. And I think....

...I think the pledge levels are just right. There are only 7 rewards, and they're low priced and stack pretty well.

...I think the page is informative without being overbearing. This is always a struggle.

...I think the goal is within reach. $10,000 is a scary number, but necessary for longevity.

...I think 300 isn't as scary of a number, and that's about how many backers it will take at the mid level goals.

...I think the video.... oh wait, I still need to make the video.

...I think I'm ready for this.


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