Friday, October 26, 2012

Elle Designs A Game

While I was working on a new SUPER SECRET prototype, my daughter decided to make up her own game. She does it all the time, usually opting to make up her own instead of playing others, but this time I had the camera on. After 10 minutes of game explanation (cut down to 3 for your convenience) I present this video.... ELLE DESIGNS A GAME.

It's called $ Money Change $ and you can play it yourself with business cards and stickers around the house. In this game, Elle exchanges TableTop stickers for Chevee Dodd business cards. There are also YoGo Factory coupons and elusive secret Crash Games cards. And there is a rule that you must say "please".

Also look for unofficial cameos by GeekCraft, Game Salute, Baked Fresh Daily Games, Carey Pietsch, Shaloman Comics, Atomic City Games, Rather Dashing / Grant Wilson, DiceAFARI, Shaloman Comics, Gut Bustin' Games, Indie Game Magazine, and Tomas the Lapidary.

Check out the creativity of a 4 year old, in a game design setting. It's pretty awesome.


fathergeek said...

Dear, Elle.

Hi! I'm Cyrus from Father Geek and I would like to work with you on reviewing your game when you think it is ready. Speak to your Dad to get the specifics. Looking forward to working with you!

Cyrus Kirby
Editor in Chief

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