Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Father Geek Review - ZombieZone

Father Geek has provided another one of their massively detailed reviews, and this time it's for ZombieZone!

They do such a great job with their reviews, covering the perspective of the Child Geeks, Parent Geeks and Gamer Geeks. Their tagline "better parenting through games and geekiness" is great, and we definitely promote it in our home as well. My kids are still very young, but all love to play games. Elle (4 years old) even likes to make her own. I have a video that needs to be edited down of her in action.

Anyway, speaking of action... we have a really awesome ZombieZone review! I'm glad to hear the Child Geeks and Parent Geeks approve of it, and I'm hoping to capture some of the Gamer Geeks over time. As we progress outside of the basic 2 player game, I think the additions will appeal to the Gamer Geeks, while still keeping the function and form of this standard 2 player version.

The Zombie Invasion caught everyone by surprise. Despite the movies, the t-shirt slogans, and books that detailed how the zombies would attack and how to defend yourself, the population of the world shifted from alive and bored to undead and stiff. Once the initial shock wore off and the human race organized itself to fight and contain the zombie outbreak, life more or less returned to normal. Oh, sure, there were some changes. For example, EVERYONE now carried a handgun, graveyards had watchtowers, and the most popular TV show in history pitted willing living participants against mindless undead in a battle royal. In fact, you just signed a contract to be part of the next season, alive or undead. Good luck!
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"Fast and fun, this is a great introduction to the more complex zombie-themed games you will doubtlessly play in your future."
"Some of the Parent Geeks thought the game was perfect for easy plays and introduction to more complex strategy games where location of pieces was very important to achieving victory."
"One Gamer Geek said he was going to look into replacing his copy of Candy Land with ZombieZone. I imagine his little geeks will have nightmares in the future…"

I'm taking that Gamer Geek comment as a compliment (and I think it was intended that way?). I wouldn't mind it replacing Candy Land, even if just in one home.  

Thanks again to Cyrus and Father Geek!


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