Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Cardboard Jungle Interview

I was recently interviewed by Anthony of The Cardboard Jungle podcast about ZombieZone, Pixel Lincoln, and why I gravitate towards "quirky" design.

My interview starts around the 95 minute mark. The episode also features Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower, and tons of game recaps, including Dungeon Heroes by Crash Games.

Anthony and Paul are back with lucky Episode #7 where they talk about nyyscon (we really need to change that name), interview Tom Vasel and Jason Tagmire, and you will find out the origin of "Firefly". 

My history with The Cardboard Jungle goes back a little bit.

We had a Pixel Lincoln mention in Episode 2: Better Late Than Pregnant (around the 75 minute mark). The Pixel Lincoln Meeples were part of their Beatles-esque cover for Episode 6: Come Together. The guys graciously gave out ZombieZone postcards/PnPs at NYCC. And now, a full interview in Episode 7: Legend of the Firefly.

Big thanks to Anthony and Paul for having me on the show! 


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