Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Metatopia Schedule

In just a few days I'll be heading up to Morristown, NJ for Metatopia: The Game Design Festival. It's a Double Exposure convention focused entirely on the designers. The list of special guests is pretty amazing, and thanks to The Game Crafter, I'm one of those guests!

I'm going as a representative of The Game Crafter to speak on two panels. Both are production focused, with one being about bits and pieces, and the other about prototypes. Joining me in these panels will be the great industry minds Curt Covert (designer of Cutthroat Caverns), Geoff Bottone (designer of The Red Dragon Inn), Tim Rodriguez (designer of Ghost Pirates) and Chris Kreuter (designer of Epigo). 
D064: "Bits and Pieces: Building Your Board or Card Game" presented by Jason Tagmire, Curt Covert & Geoff Bottone. You've got a hot new board or card game, and it needs pieces to make it real. How do you decide what to use, and where do you buy them? We'll discuss the concern with obtaining the best mass produced components at the best price, or having them custom made. Saturday, 9:00AM - 10:00AM; One Session; All Ages.
D125: "Prototypes For Your Game" presented by Jason Tagmire, Tim Rodriguez, Chris Kreuter & Geoff Bottone. You need a prototype to show off your idea. Do you want to bang something together on your own or use a service to make things easier on yourself? These panelists have been there and can give you perspective on how to pick the best, most cost-effective path. Saturday, 4:00PM - 5:00PM; One Session; All Ages.
Aside from the panels, I'll be playing games by Jay Treat and Stronghold Games, and popping in on demos of other friends like Alex Strang, Kevin Kulp, Michael Keller (whose sold out before I could get in) and anyone else that I see there. And I'm super excited to attend Cindy Au from Kickstarter's panel as well as Cheapass Games owner/designer, James Ernest.

If you can make it out, it's going to be an awesome time for games. Full details here:


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