Saturday, October 6, 2012

ZZ: The Postcard Edition

The full ZombieZone Print and Play is still on it's way, but for now I have a tiny taste of the game for you... it's the Postcard Edition!

In this version, instead of battling Humans against Zombies, you will put your finest pocket change against each other. Heads (Humans) are armed with pennies for ammo, but at a quick flip of the coin they will become savage tails (Zombies). The game can be played with a total of 48 cents and 2-3 dice.

If you have received the postcard, click on to the rules and you will be good to go. If you have not received the postcard, you can print your own right here.

And a quick note on this. The board is usually a spacious 12 X 12 grid with enough space to escape your opponent, and form a plan of action. This Postcard Edition is a tiny 5 X 7 grid with no room to think. This is like fighting Zombies in your closet. You can't back out of this area, and things are going to move very quickly.

It's a different experience than the full game, but the gameplay is the same. The Game Crafter limited preview edition includes high quality Zombie/Human tokens, bombs (as well as an alternate win condition for the Humans), matching dice for each unit type, a custom shotgun die (for those who don't want to convert their dice numbers after rolling them) and much more.

But for now... Enjoy The Postcard Edition of ZombieZone!

Download: ZombieZone: The Postcard Edition - Rules

Download: ZombieZone: The Postcard Edition - Postcard

And if you like it, please check out ZombieZone: The Limited Preview Edition at The Game Crafter.


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