Saturday, January 5, 2013

Featured @ Bellwether Games

I had a few great discussions with Dennis at Bellwether Games over the past few months as part of their featured designer interview series. Previous interviewees were good friends Michael Keller (City Hall), Paul Owen (East India Company) and Angie Hickman Newnham / Julian Leiberan-Titus (Story Realms), each of which were super informative for fellow designers as well as board gamers interested in the other side of things. Dennis is really great at what he does, and I'll be sure to follow him as this series grows.

In my interview, I talk about my 3 tips for Kickstarter project creators, my experience working with Game Salute, go-to game mechanics and much more.

Here's a small excerpt:
BG: In your opinion, what is the most important skill for a game designer to have? 
JT: Game designers need to be jacks of all trades. They need to be super creative, logical and in most cases, mathematic. Then they need to be an artist and graphic designer. With prototyping there is a big hands-on stage where any carpentry or assembly skills come into play. And then it's time to market your game, so you need to be a writer, blogger, editor, proofreader, and promoter. And if you are pitching your game to publishers, you need to be a salesman. If you go to conventions, you need to be a good teacher and speaker. It's a lot to take on. Now, you could just design and sell your games and not have to do all of the rest, but I think it'll take a few years of all of it before you even get to that point.
Check out the full interview over at the Bellwether Games site:


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