Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unpub Games - 3 of 3 Pixel Lincoln 2

The third and final game that I'll be testing at Unpub is (codename) Pixel Lincoln 2! Of course, Pixel Lincoln is still at the manufacturer right now, but that won't stop me from getting a head start on the next version of the game.

So what will be in the next version? I have a lot of ideas and I've heard a lot of ideas from the relatively small number of people who have actually played the game. One of the first ideas that we will be implementing are Environment cards.

Environments are global cards that impact the levels in very different ways. Each level starts with a random Environment card, which is replaced by a new Environment each time a Checkpoint is reached. A game should run though 8 total, and I've made 20 to start testing out.

Off the top of my head, a few examples that I will be testing at Unpub are:

Spikes - Players cannot jump (really hard!)
Auto-Scroll - The level moves forward one card at the end of each turn.
Enemy Lair - All enemies get +1 Power.
Dark - New level cards are played face down until they are reached.
Bank - Players can carry over unused coins each turn (really good!)

So.. if you are at Unpub this weekend and want to be the first to try out some all new Pixel Lincoln cards (there will also be some new enemies, items and characters too), come stop by and see me!

I will also have Maximum Throw down, ZombieZone, and my contest entry game, Fatal Flaw.


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