Sunday, January 6, 2013

TGC Pro Boxes!!

I was super excited to see that The Game Crafter started offering Small Pro Boxes this week. These are the first fully-printed, full telescoping boxes that they've been able to offer to game creators. It's a huge move forward for the designer community and like many of my favorites before this, I immediately started working on some designs to try out the new products.

I'm still working on the layout/design for the box bottoms (which I think is the hardest part to create), but I'll share the tops here. I'm ordering today and cutting it close for Unpub... but if they arrive before the event, I will be sure to bring them. Not only do I need something to hold my games (they are currently in a Hula Hippos box), but I know others will probably want to check out the new boxes.

Here are my layouts with some of the fold lines still showing. Keep in mind these are quick roughs just for prototyping.

These boxes hold up to 128 cards or less cards and some components. They are perfect for some of the games I'm working on right now, but there is one exception. They cannot fit the sticker sheets in the shop, and a few of my games will use the sticker sheets. Hopefully they can find a workaround for that soon enough.

Also I'm excited to see what follows the "Small" Pro Box. Will there be medium and large? Great moves forward, all around.


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