Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pixel Lincoln Meeples

I received the production samples of the Pixel Lincoln meeples a few weeks ago, and it's about time that I shared a few photos of them. They are about 3 cm tall by about 2 cm wide and they are AWESOME! I've been carrying them around in my pocket ever since, just incase I can find a reason to show them off.

Just to refresh: Each player chooses a Player 1 through Player 4 card and takes the meeple that matches the color on the card. 

Player 1 - Blue
Player 2 - Red
Player 3 - Yellow
Player 4 - Green

During the game, the meeple represents each player's location in each level. The meeple will move from left to right throughout the game... exploring the levels, defeating enemies, purchasing items and meeting characters. The meeple was the first and most important of all of our Kickstarter stretch goals, and before reaching that goal players had to use a card to do all of that! It works, but this works so much better. 

So here are a few more photos. Some are extra dark and others are extra bright. Imagine the colors somewhere in between.


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