Thursday, January 3, 2013

Unpub Games - 2 of 3 ZombieZone Version 2.0

The second game that I am bringing to Unpub is a new version of ZombieZone!

ZombieZone is my head-to-head asymmetric battle game of humans vs. zombies. The Preview Edition made its way to a few events and recently ended its 3 month run at The Game Crafter, and now I'm taking all of the feedback and moving towards the next version of the game. Luckily, most of the feedback was really good. Father Geek gave us a great, gamer-defensive review back in October.
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If you are looking for a quick game of zombie survival that is easy to teach, well-balanced, and perfect for those times when you just want a quick game€, do lock your sights on ZombieZone. While not the most complex of zombie survival games on the market, it is certainly no cakewalk and was found to be much fun to play. Full review at
The current version is a 12 space x 12 space gridded board where the humans and zombies go head-to-head similar to chess or checkers. 

In the new version, the board breaks apart into multiple pieces so that you can play the classic gaming style, or you can create your own map before playing the game. Along with this, I would like to introduce additional map pieces and additional character types to give a ton of variety to the sessions.

Here are some rough ideas that I'm planning for Unpub.

First up is the modular board. Here is the standard board, broken into pieces and assembled a little differently. You could simply twist and turn each of the corners and keep a standard square OR you could stagger them a little bit.

With this in mind, I would like each of the pieces to be double-sided allowing for more room to mess around with harder areas, changing the landscape of the battle. And with this in mind, we could introduce all-new scenarios. 

This could have a new tile type that is a Dropzone. Each turn, an unarmed human could be dropped there to battle off the oncoming wave of Zombies.

Then we could have quick and brutal battles on just one square. Like this one:

I've also thought about introducing additional tiles into the game. If we can make it all on thick chipboard, we could consider extra pieces like the one below.

With a few of these, you can make tight corridor areas that are tough to pass. 

And finally, it would be great to be able to remove some space from the game board. I've been trying to think of how to handle the overhead view without making it look like a black hole / dungeon. Here are some rooftops for now.

I'll be making about 6 different double sided tile types as well as a few of the little corridor areas to try out at Unpub. I'm also bringing some new character tiles, which I will share soon enough. And if that isn't enough, I have a slightly lighter, trimmed down version of the game, that takes the basics and makes it a very accessible Zombie checkers type game. I'll post that soon too.

If you've played the game before (or not!) all feedback is very welcome. Even if you just want to say that you hate zombies!


pizux said...

hi i love this game is this new version will be available soon on gamecrafter ?
what about new weapons too ?

Jason Tagmire said...

Hey, thanks! The new version (and another!) is being tested now. Once everything is balanced, we'll figure out the best way to release it.

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